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Issue 1 Cover FINAL_edited.jpg

Mental Papercuts

Issue One

Table of Contents

Brush Stroke
Scan 1 copy copy.png
Thats About the Size of It name.png
A Lui name.png
the naked mole rat name.png
broken gargoyle name.png
Living and Dying name.png
kangaroo name.png
Notoriety name.png
soulmates name.png
Adrift name.png
Blood Ties name.png
Worlds Shortest Western name.png
backyard holes.png
Love for Ashes name.png
Peanut Head name.png
Wrong Number name.png
jazz moon name.png
The Memory of Vision name.png
Doing Mrs Johnsons Hair name.png
whisker kisses name.png
Star Market name.png
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